Friday, February 13, 2009

Theory of Independence

Why do we work for? It is a question that I asked myself many a times. But never, as usual I reached a conclusion. Yet another question to the bundle. I just want an answer to hold on as truth.

Truth…. I know is very relative term(it is one of the most valuable lesson law school has taught me). There is nothing called truth for all time. What is truth today will be a lie some other time. Or even can be true and false at the same time. There is nothing much truer than the relativity of truth. The very fact that I’m alive is only true for this moment. Who is sure about the next second.

I seem to be be confused. Rite? So as I was talking about, I was just searching for an answer. Leaving all economic theories , what is the real reason for the years of hardwork. This question pops up especially when I have to wash the dishes ( something I really hates to do) when our maid-servant fails to turn up. I simply wondered if the motive of working is same for everyone, why should I have to spend years of studies and exam. The theological reasoning of karma is hard to digest

Is it the common answer of earning bread? The pages of history clearly shows that in fact the whole system of law and society emerged from ancient man’s desire to be agriculturists. However the human race has moved a great farther. So something more should be a part of the life.

Thinking for an alternative, is it the thirst for independence that have ruled the evolution. Early men born independent were masters of themselves. They were however forced to settle and cultivate by many factors like paucity of resources. Even then he tried to preserve his sense of freedom by trying to protect the piece of land near him. He never let anyone to evade to his privacy and discrepancy to its were dealt with. This in fact was the beginning of the legal system. However evolution of society resulted in the suppression of a certain people who may be having or not having certain attributes which let them retain their freedom. It can be economical, social or political. But the basic instinct of freedom was still alive which still lead to further evolution. Henry Maine, an eminent jurist has opined that society has evolved from status to contract. Now a reverse trend , though not in same spectrum is taking place. Status means nothing other than the rights derived by a person owing to his position or status in society. The change from status to contract, the stage where any person can derive his right on the basis of contract was in fact result of thirst of independence.

In such a stage in fact to derive rights, to have independence, a person need to be individually equipped. In the present scenario, since money and qualifications are significant factors to be independent in the society, we are working. Hence though my maid servant and myself are having similar life, the sense of freedom I possess is infact the reward of my education.

My theory seems really weird, Rite? Well, tht’s all folks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Lewin vENGENACE Joey said...

I would not disagree to your theory of independence but a stronger point would be laziness. If you feel lazy to do your dishes for a day, so did the farmer who ploughed his fields. In my sense, development would be through requirement. I'm sure you wud have heard this 'Necessity is the mother of invention'. That single statement has it all.

The development of judicial system may be as you said but it is closely linked to the formation of society. What is society, nothing but a bunch of rules defined by some people who would like to survive on the well being of others. They contradict survival of the fittest. These people were the first to band up in some way or another, with the sole intention of cruelty and harming others, they also called themselves the elite. Soon elite became a way of life. They got to define the term civilisation and civility. You dont trust in the cruelty??? What else is the Judicial system based upon??