Sunday, September 23, 2007


Being washed away by the showering drops to the world of ecstacy, i'm sure is a moment experienced by each n everyone of us atleast once in lfe. Even if it comes admist a jolly picnic trip or while a late-office drive, the pelting droplets will not miss their charm. Though painted n portrayed by so many brushes or poured out in poetry as sighs from the hearts of a lovers or the tears of some angels up the heaven , not a single drop of rain lacks freshness. Have u watched the face of earth after a rain- it seems painted fresh by some unknown artist. And what about the smell of the earth when the first drop of rain kisses after the scorching summer?most exocting...

Though the rain is simply captivating wherever it falls.i feel it more beautiful while it falls in teh backdrop of greenary, admist the green lashes of the tree to the muddy grounds. Even as i moved on to city, i njoyed watching the rain at night while laying in my bedRain - though my physic teacher tried to make it yet another boring phenomenon with all the water-cycle stuff, i like it view as my companion, wherever it falls, i sense a soothing hand wishing me a greeting.

This reminds me of a rainy day not long was the last of our school days. The pain of parting reflected in all our faces. After being together for long years ,it was simply intolerable. So that me and my friend decidesd to walk back home. Though it was summer time there were occasional downpours, So we both had our umbrellas. As we slowly walked , unusually a silence filled b/w us. I was really at loss of words. Formally , though u can bid farewell through som words in an autograph, saying good bye to a true friend is vry hard task.- i understood it tht day. We kept moving. Suddenly it started raining- not a heavy one though. (i just wondered whether the nature is too sharing with us our sorrow) . But I did not feel like opening my umbrella. Surprisingly, my friend too didnt open her umbrella. We just walked on and on as the tiny drops careesed us with its cool hands, slowly my friend started talking about those days when we wer together. By the time we reached her home , it stopped raining leaving us two smiling , soaked to skin, yet with very light heart. As i started back to my home , what i could recall was just the magic of rain

May be it seems silly to many of u, but what i wanted to say is how small things could make our life more wonderful?just ponder.